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Healthy Sleep Habits Make For Healthy Children

My Sleep Philosophy

The 3 things you should know about working with me

I believe that every child is different and the journey they take to developing healthy bedtime habits will vary. As your Sleep Guide, I provide you with the emotional support and necessary insights that you need during this period of change.

To Cry or Not to Cry

There’s good crying and there’s bad crying. But crying, in general, is your child’s way of protesting change.

And we want change.

We want to create healthy sleep habits that train your child to sleep according to a schedule. You should expect some level of protesting and crying in this process. But don’t be too alarmed by it.

Bad crying, on the other hand, is when you ignore and leave your child to cry alone. That’s not the philosophy I practice or preach. Your child craves your presence and needs you to be there for them through their emotional sleep training journey.

The 1-2-3

for forming healthy bedtime habits

Understand the
Importance of Sleep

In order for the Sleep Sense Program to be effective, I need parents to be committed to it. For that purpose, it’s important that you understand how essential quality sleep is for the development of your child. I will take you through the various stages of sleep, what each has to offer your child, and the unfortunate pitfalls caused by lack of sleep.

A Unique Program
Customized To Your Child

Every baby is different, and for that matter, so is every parent’s parenting style. I don’t offer a cookie-cut program. Instead, I present various proven methods and help you choose the right approach for your child.

Measuring Sleep

Success begins with the first step. You might not get 12 hours of sleep on your first night (but if you do, many congratulations!), but progress will be made and I’ll teach you how to measure it. It’s important that you track your baby’s progress so you can be sure that the program is working or if it needs to be tweaked for better outcomes.

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Sleep Is Important...

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