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Hi, I am Hala, Your Trained and Certified Sleep Consultant

Before I was a professional sleep guide, I was just like you. I struggled to put kids to sleep and learned first-hand the challenges that came with it.

I come from a large family and have 5 siblings. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been around children and have taken care of them – whether they were my own siblings or the kids I played with and put to nap at the nursery school I worked at.

I had always known that I wanted to build a career through working with children. That’s why I earned myself a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Teaching Diploma.

When my eldest sister had 2 sons, I got deeply involved in the life of my nephews – taking care of them, putting them to bed, changing their diapers, and everything in between.

With a fiancé by my side and dreams of having my own children one day, I decided to train myself in Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense program and use my skills to not only plan ahead for when I have children of my own, but also use the knowledge to help other struggling mothers who were having a hard time putting their kids to bed.

There began my practice, which I named Angel Dreamers Sleep Consultant. Angels have halos and my name Hala means ‘halo around the moon’. The play with halos led to the birth of my logo: an angel and moon sketched in the style of a child’s drawing with halos around both.

Since the start of Angel Dreamers, I’ve worked with parents across the globe, understanding their different parenting styles and unique behaviours of their children, and crafting a methodology tailored to their specific needs.

My sleep philosophy is to introduce healthy sleep habits to make your child healthy, attentive and happy.

Here's what I have to offer:

A structured and easy-to follow training plan

Support and encouragement to get you through the hard and emotional nights

Adaptations and tweaks so the plan can be tailored to your baby’s unique needs and your parenting style

Transparent measures of progress and success

If youre ready to reclaim your sleep,
I am committed to your cause

I promise you…

Emotional Support and Professional Guidance

Trained and certified in the Sleep Sense program, I do not provide, nor offer a one-size-fits-all solution. My sleep philosophy is tailored to the family, and specifically the baby’s needs. During the training process, you can expect your child to protest the change in their sleep cycle. It might be difficult, but I will be there for you, providing you the necessary support in dealing with them through the transition.

Much Needed Sleepy Time

As a parent, you are a machine. Feeding, burping, playing, and pacifying. It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and let’s be honest, quite tiring. But you don’t need to do it alone. As your sleep guide, I will create a structured training plan to give your child a specific sleep schedule, so you can both get precious hours of sleep.

Bedtime Snuggles

By training your child to sleep at consistent times, you’re giving them much more rest and making them happier and more playful when awake. Energetic kids in the day are often grateful for bedtime, offer few protests, and are much easier to cuddle and snuggle with.

Peace of Mind

When you hear your child cry, you must often ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? For the peace of mind you seek, I will provide you with measures of success so you can track your baby’s sleep progress and know that you’re moving in the right direction.


Choosing your babys sleep guide is one of the most personal decisions you will make

I invite you to get to know me.

Get a sense of who I am and my approach to sleep. Learn about my proven method that has worked in the past, and more importantly, that will work for you and your baby.

I’ve worked with parents around the globe and I’m available over video or phone calls to guide you and your baby’s journey to sound sleep.

"Welcome to Angel Dreamers Sleep Consultant. I'm Hala and I'm a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. I can give you the tools you need to teach your little one to develop healthy sleep habits.

Ready to get started? Book a free discovery call with me by clicking the button above. Chat soon. xxxx"

Proudly serving the world. Based in Saudi Arabia, Al-Khobar, and Lebanon.
Certified Sleep Consultant

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