When Your Baby Doesn't Sleep,
Neither Do You

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Welcome To Angel Dreamers Sleep Consultant.

Now you and your child can both sleep like a baby.

My sleep philosophy has been adopted from world-renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman’s proven Sleep Sense™ method, which focuses on creating healthy sleep habits for your child.

As 1 of 6 siblings, my passion for children and healthy sleep habits started early. I worked at a nursery while studying early childhood education at university and found that while I loved playing with children, I also enjoyed building consistent sleep cycles. When my eldest sister had 2 sons, I helped sleep train my nephews, adding hours to her sleep schedule.

My philosophy focuses on one thing: healthy sleep habits make for healthy children.

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Does Bedtime Feel More Stressful than Restful?

Tired of Feeling Tired?

Too Tired to Find a Solution?

When your child wakes up every hour of the night, early in the morning, or sleeps poorly during naptime, finding the energy to explore a solution can feel impossible.

Does Your Child Struggle To Fall Asleep On Their Own?

When your baby refuses to sleep in a crib, alone, and frequently calls for you or comes to your room, this can create negative habits that can affect their sleep hygiene for years.

I'm Here to Help

Independent Sleep

When your baby knows how to self-soothe, you both can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and spend happier days together.

Build Consistency
and Routine

Consistency is the basis of any habit. Together, we’ll address issues affecting your child’s sleep and create healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime.

Make Naptime

Naps aid in your baby’s development and offer you a chance to catch up on chores or get some rest yourself.

Set Healthy

Teaching your child boundaries and expectations for sleep doesn’t just make bedtime easier; it benefits other areas of their lives, too.

Give the Gift of Sleep

Give the Gift of Sleep

You are 5 short steps away from a good night's rest

Before I take you on as a client, I like to get to know you and your baby a little. We’ll discuss the problems you’re facing and what support I can offer you. I’ll help you choose a package that will suit your baby’s needs.

Every family is unique, and so are their challenges. So to get acquainted, I’ll need you to fill a brief questionnaire so I can familiarize myself with your parenting style, your baby’s sleep issues, and your goals for working with my program. The more detailed your answers, the better!

Your responses help me create a personalized sleep plan just for your family. Together, we’ll discuss the step-by-step process so you always know what to expect.

We will discuss your customized sleep plan and answer questions during a 90-minute in-person meeting or a video call. This will allow me to get to know your family better and ensure I meet your every need.

During the consultation, we will also address your commitment to the program to ensure your success. We will discuss each others’ expectations and how to measure progress to ensure consistency and harmony throughout the process.

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See what My well-Rested Clients Have To Say About winning Their Sleep Back

Good Days Start with a Better Night's Sleep

A good night’s rest allows you to keep up with the demands of parenthood and be the best parent you can be.

I’ve helped parents around the world take back their sleep, and now I’m here to help you. Book a free discovery call  and learn more about me and my proven method.

"Welcome to Angel Dreamers Sleep Consultant. I'm Hala and I'm a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. I can give you the tools you need to teach your little one to develop healthy sleep habits.

Ready to get started? Book a free discovery call with me by clicking the button above. Chat soon. xxxx"

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